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Welcome to Germantown!

Washington County, Wisconsin

The Town of Germantown, established in 1846, is the oldest town in Washington County and the smallest in land area in the state. Residents take a certain pride in the Town's capacity to adapt and survive. The ability of residents to "stick together" serves the Town well and will continue to be beneficial as the Town strives to remain in control of its own destiny. In 2024, Town residents continue to enjoy a safe, quiet, primarily residential community, while still being able to access the amenities of nearby urban areas. 
For all residences that have Time Warner, DSL, Charter or any other Voice Over Internet phone service, please make sure your 911 service is directed to Washington Co. Dispatch Center and not to Germantown's Dispatch Center.   If the wrong dispatch center is listed and a 911 call is made, the dispatcher will need to first notice the error and then send the call to the correct dispatch center which might delay your emergency service.
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